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The curriculum comprises Yoga, Language, Maths, Science, Communication, Occupational therapy, Activities of daily living (Brushing, Toileting, Bathing, Eating, Grooming and even Nail cuts), Music, Art, Cooking, Weaving, Organized Sports, Swimming, Outdoor and Indoor play. Lessons are taught on power points and reinforced in the class through visuals, experiments, movement activities, exploratory visits, art and craft throughout the week and evaluated at the end of the week.
The circle time, an integral part of our curriculum prepares students in the morning for the activities of the day and gives a feedback at the end of the day.
E-Kids developed by E-solution Point is an ICT educational software that has Language and Maths curriculum in an easy to learn play way method. This software has been installed free of cost by Mr. B.Fredy Fernando, CEO of E-Solution Point.


All national festivals are celebrated with fervor and gusto in a traditional manner to inculcate our values and culture in our students.

Awareness visit

As part of our holistic development, we have taken the students to different places to make them aware, explore and experience the environment, thus making them more comfortable in social settings. They have been taken to the Guindy National Park, Tiger caves, Vandalur Zoo, Crocodile Bank, Sai Baba temple, Birla Planetarium, Government Museum, Adventure Zone, Semmozhi Poonga, Rail museum, The Farm, Beach, Sadras and Hot Chips.

Annual Sports Day

Annual Sports Day is conducted every year with various events for the students such as skating, running race, sidewalk, back walk, elephant walk, crab walk, ball throw, cone on the head, hurdle jump, ladder hopping, shot-put, obstacle race, somersault, basketball, throw ball match, cricket, relay, drill and musical chair.

Chrysalis Annual Day

Annual Day is celebrated with a variety of programs from drama, dance, singing, aerobics, fashion shows and awards for students. All the students participate in the events

Summer camps

“Chrysalis Summer Fest” is organized every year during the month of April. The students are exposed to a variety of fun filled activities like Advanced Yoga, Swimming, Art, Cooking, Science Experiments, Exploratory walks, Movies, Group OT, Group Sports, Outing etc. At the end of the camp, a Carnival - exhibition cum sale of the student’s artwork, food and games is organized for students, parents and guests. Students are presented with a certificate of participation.


Chrysalis organized workshops on Applied Behavourial Analysis (ABA) conducted by Dr. Roy Sanders and his team from The Marcus Autism Centre, Atlanta, Georgia, USA at Bala Mandir Resource Centre Hall, T. Nagar, Chennai -17    

A workshop for parents on ““Understanding Basic Principles of ABA & Strategies for Effective Behaviour Support Program at Home” for parents of children with autism was held on 16th January 2011 from 9.30am – 1.00pm. Dr. Dana Zavatkay - Program Coordinator of the School Consultation program started her presentation with an overview of autism, general behaviour management, key terms and principles in Applied Behavior Analysis, behaviour intervention planning and implementation. She concluded her presentation emphasizing the importance of the role of parents in generalizing skills, positive feedback and sustained follow up. The workshop ended with a question answer session. 45 parents participated in the workshop.

The workshop for professionals on “ABA, Behavior Disorders in Autism and Effective Classroom Management” on 21st January 2011 from 9.30am – 4.00pm had 38 participants from various institutes working with children with special needs.

Veteran actor Mr. Sivakumar was the chief guest and he addressed the audience on the challenges faced by parents with a child with autism on a daily basis, role of special educators in catering to the physical, educational and emotional needs of the child and appreciated the services of the Trust in setting up Chrysalis.

Dr. Dana Zavatkay & Ms. Crystal Bowen -  Language Acquisition Specialist spoke on educating children with autism, setting up a classroom to teach appropriate skills, planning educational goals, developing appropriate functional language and school inclusion skills. Dr. Roy Sanders, - Medical Director, Director Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Center and Director of Psychiatric Services spoke on the side effects of medication and that medical intervention was not the only solution for Autism but early sustained work by the parents and school would bring about positive changes in the child. He clarified questions raised by the participants. The workshop came to an end with the trustee Mrs. Shanthi Murugadass delivering the vote of thanks.

Dr. Roy Sanders and his team were at Chrysalis from 17th – 20th Jan 2011. They assessed the students, trained staff and consulted with parents. The Marcus team congratulated the Chrysalis staff for their invaluable work in providing quality services to children with autism and commented that it was a top notch school on par with international standards.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Quarterly meetings and discussions with parents are held to review the student’s progress and plan for the next term.

Review Meetings

Review meetings are held in which the Management Team, Advisors, Principal, Vice-Principal and Staff of Chrysalis discuss the progress, achievements, short comings, quality of service and how to enhance, and also plan for the future.

Home management

Apart from the day school, we also provide services for students in specific areas such as remedial education, activities of daily living and occupational therapy.

Ingenious strategies developed by Chrysalis (worked wonders for our students!!)

  • Visual labels in all areas of school
  • Rule cards with pictures in appropriate places to reinforce positive behaviour and bring about independence
  • Abstract concepts have been taught to students through hands on experience (Visual/Kinesthetic/Auditory/ Tactile)
  • Provided vegetables pieces to stop mouthing
  • OT break area within classroom
  • Communication in OT
  • Sensory patch on handrails/garden
  • Social stories reinforced with tailor made videos designed to develop positive behaviour
  • Home visits - to understand the environment the child is living in 
  • Rules card,  Social stories and Communication charts are given to parents
  • Specialized individual home program that cater to all needs of the student. The home program has been designed to bring about changes in home environment and structure the entire day including weekends.
  • Simple, functional and inexpensive adaptations at home to meet sensory needs of the child
  • Demystify Special education and Occupational therapy by
    • Parent observation of sessions at school
    • Transference of skills to parents
    • Parent Support Group