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Early Intervention definitely has its strengths. This has been proved by our students of the preparation class who with consistent intervention have shown significant improvement in

  • Readiness skills in academics
  • Socialization – greeting, turn taking, waiting, sitting, compliance
  • Activities of daily living – toilet training, independence in eating and brushing 
  • Schedule and routine at school and home have improved their diet and sleep patterns

A bright 7 year old boy had major transitional difficulties such as wanting to sit in the same class (because he could not see the school van from his window) with the front door always open. To overcome this difficulty, he was prepared well in advance about his schedule, changes in class routine etc. Social stories also had a good impact. This preparation was followed by everyone at school and home and in less than two months he was able to accept any new change at school.

A tech-savvy girl of 6 years who had major difficulties eating lunch at school cried and refused to touch her food and was hungry all the time. It came as a revelation to us when we discovered that she enjoyed Hindi songs and when we started playing them during lunch, she began to eat independently and finished her lunch on time.

We have an intelligent 6 year old boy who on entering school closed all the windows and doors. This disturbed all the children. Our rule cards and prompting him to open the windows and doors which he had initially closed; helped him to overcome this habit.

Here was a child who was completely dependent on his mother’s or teacher’s physical help to communicate even his basic needs but at the same time he could scan the newspaper in less than 2 seconds and answer questions on any topic. At Chrysalis we adopted a firm but caring approach by gradually withdrawing our physical help, thus motivating him to become self reliant. He became independent not only in his communication but also all activities related to daily living.

There was a well-built nine-year-old boy who had major behavioural issues and transition problems when he first came to Chrysalis two years ago. Structure, social stories and daily physical activity have brought about calmness, compliance and initiation in communication. This paved the way for us to focus on his inherent talent - cooking, sports and computer skills

We have a very bright nine-year-old girl who had no sustained intervention for the first six years of her life. During the first 2 years at Chrysalis, we saw some improvements in activities daily living, compliance and decrease in sensory needs. This year we had a major breakthrough in academics wherein she was picking/ pointing to the right answers and has shown a keen interest in learning math

We have students who are intuitive learners, very good at academics but showed no affinity towards physical activity. During the course of this year the daily fitness and sports have brought about alertness, interest and cheerful participation