The efforts of any organisation are as good as the team that translates the vision into a productive mission. At Chrysalis we have a multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals working harmoniously to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for students and parents. Apart from professional skills, each facilitator brings to the programme an intuitive and empathetic understanding of the challenges faced not only by children with autism but by their parents as well. And this we believe is the defining edge that gives us the confidence to boost your morale and share your responsibility in the metamorphosis of your child.

Keeping in mind the needs of your child, our team includes
Staff details  
Ms Rekha Supriya - Principal
Ms Viviani - Vice - Principal
Ms. Vasthi Malini K - Administrative Officer
Ms. C. Lourdu Bestima - Special Educator
Ms. Ebima - Special Educator
Ms. A. Indu - Teacher Assistant
Ms. Jancy Rani - Teacher Assistant
Dr. Partheeban - Yoga Teacher
Mr. Magesh - Physical educator

The endeavours of our team are guided by senior consultants from the fields of Special Education and Rehabilitation:


Ms Usha Ramakrishnan - Honorary Consultant and Chairperson of Vidya Sagar and a pioneer in the field of Autism
Ms Mallika Ganapathy - Consultant Educator - Autism and Inclusion
Ms Deepa Ranjan - Consultant – Autism and Inclusion
Ms Lakshmi Satish - Consultant – Autism and Inclusion



Dr. P.S. Rekhi - Honorary Optometrist