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Roshinipriya Charitable Trust was founded in the year 2005 by Mr. Murugadass Krishnan, Mrs. Shanthi Murugadass, Ms Roshinipriya Murugadass, and Mr. Kaavian Murugadass, Atlanta, US. It has been registered under Indian Trust Act with the office of Sub registrar of Thiyagaraya Nagar Chennai. Mr. Murugadass has dedicated the school to his father Late Mr. P.S.C Krishnan who was a philanthropist and humanitarian.
Objectives of the Trust
Maintain, establish old age homes, homes for mentally retarded children, spastics, handicapped, destitute person and other socially estranged, physically or economically challenged or handicapped persons amongst public at large.
Establish, maintain and run schools, residential schools, colleges, educational institutions, libraries, research centers, correspondence course institutes and centers for imparting physical, scientific, spiritual, ancient or other general education.
Establish, maintain and run hospitals, nursing homes, speciality centers, healthy centers, holistic health centers, alternative medical centers, therapeutic centers, health parks, rejuvenation centers, rehabilitation centers and other medical and paramedical establishments for the purpose of improving the health of public at large.
Undertake any activity or to carry on any business or to conduct any program or event or function for any of the above said purposes.
Organize collections, donations, etc. by suitable means.
Undertake any other incidental or necessary activity for all or any of the above said purposes.
Future Projects
Establish a regular school to mainstream children with autism
Sensitising school children about disability
Day care for children with special needs
Vocational unit for persons with special needs
Home for orphaned persons with special needs
School health camps
Awareness campaign on health & nutrition for pregnant women