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Communication is very important for one and all. Chrysalis strives to apply “out-of-the-box” thinking to create an effective communication system that works for each individuals using a number of low-tech to high-tech communication devices.

Many children with special needs have difficulties with communication and we ensure that with simple changes to our own communication environment, we will improve the interaction and communication and effectively make sure that every individual has access to some means of communication. Chrysalis, believes in a “Total Communication” system rather than just speech, which is the primary form of communication.

We understand and respect each individuals’ needs and also agree that the communication environment has a major impact on the success of the message that is conveyed and perceived.

Some of the strategies that Chrysalis adopts are:

  • PECS
  • Facial expression, hand gestures and body language
  • Picture charts
  • Augmentative and Alternative communication (AAC) devices
  • Symbols (Print) words and sentences
  • Texture clues
  • Touch
  • Speech & language

Over the years, we have developed unique strategies that are effective and successful. To know more about the individual strategies that we have deployed for our students, you can write to us @ chrysalis_admin@chrysalis.org.in, we are happy to share.