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Early Intervention at Chrysalis is a structured program to cater to the needs of children with special needs, infancy to six years old. Be it a developmental delay or any kind of disability, we formulate individualised programs to suit the children because we believe in “Early Intervention as every day routine”.

The areas of development for every toddler and child (which are also considered as a check list for every parent) are

  • Physical (large motor skill and fine motor skills)
  • Communication (verbal and non-verbal communication)
  • Cognitive (Ability to think, learn and solve problems)
  • Social & Emotional (understanding of their own emotions and of others, interaction with others etc)

While most of these milestones take place during a certain window of time, parents and caregivers MUST remember that EACH CHILD IS UNIQUE. It is OK to hit the milestones much earlier or later and simply represents the differences in the developmental process.

If you want to know more about the milestones, you can write to us @ chrysalis_admin@chrysalis.org.in

When potential problems are spotted, early intervention can help to achieve successful outcomes. At Chrysalis, we assess the children and draw up an holistic intervention program, using the required alternative and augmentative communication aids, picture charts symbol cards, visual schedules, story strips, social storytelling, experiential learning trips, sports, group sessions, training in ADLs, flexible classroom setting, textured materials and more through auditory, visual and tactile modes

Through embedding activities in the daily routines, we aim to achieve students from being passive to participate or become partially or completely independent.

  • Improved literacy
  • Improved daily living skills.
  • Readiness for mainstreaming.
  • Empowering parents through regular capacity building workshops and discussions.