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Occupational therapy aids to improve the participation and performance of every person with disability, across their life span. Occupations like self-care, play, schooling etc. are taken care therapeutically to enable people with special needs to live life to its fullest. Some of the common occupational therapy interventions make children to participate more in the school and social settings. At Chrysalis, we develop structured programs for every child along with their families after the child is assessed.

We have a holistic perspective, in which the focus is enable the person to adopt to the environment and the task or environment to fit the person. We follow evidence based approach and the goals are set, progress monitored with outcome evaluations and families are consulted.

Special needs interventions will enable independence in self-care skills like eating, dressing, toileting, bathing, clean habits, maintaining privacy, behaviour management etc. Adaptations will be suggested to make them more independent. Play activities help children to participate and interact with peers and others. Position, mobility aids or adapted toys will be used. As it is very important to adapt to regular school setting and Chrysalis aims at mainstreaming, we emphasis on developing participation in a classroom setting.

We also use writing aids, splints, adapted furniture, modified playground equipment etc. to facilitate this process. Fine motor skills, sensory processing, visual skills are also looked at.

Simple activities like grasping and releasing toys, improving hand-eye coordination, handwriting skills, time management, anger management, social skills etc. aids to improving the quality of life of people with special needs.

At Chrysalis, occupational therapy is not an additional feature but have an integral role in the rehabilitation plan for every child depending on their needs.